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How to speak the Thai language with audio and illustrations in 90 lessons

Thai lernen mit PC

● for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

● audio clips (female/male voice)
● illustrations
● Progress can be saved
● multiple-choice questions
● examples out of everyday life
● 90 lessons

Learn Thai with ThaiTrainer111

ThaiTrainer111 will teach you all the basics such as vocabulary, pronunciation, tonal usage and sentence construction through provided samples, illustrations and soundtrack. You can even choose between a male or female voice ! The completely different alphabet and grammar is made clear by providing you enough samples to assimilate and absorb the different feel of the language. Pronunciation is everything in Thai. Listen carefully too the soundtrack and repeat often. In doing so ThaiTrainer111 will help you over the most difficult hurdles. We have included phonetic texts in English as well as spoken text. As an exclusive feature, we offer a word for word translation of spoken Thai, enabling you to absorb the structure and grammar of this language firsthand. Multiple-choice questions enable you too measure your progress and test your knowledge. Using the soundtrack you can listen to the exact pronunciation.


Because of the very simple Windows-type operation of the program, we do not include an instruction manual. After starting the program you simply choose your language and press "TO LEARN". Once you are ready, you can choose "Test your knowledge" to check on your progress. Through "multiple-choice" questions you will be challenged to give correct answers. If your reply is correct the program asks the next question, if not the question will be repeated until you give the correct response. The program offers the questions unordered, this is meant to keep you on your toes to learn the words and not the sequence in which they appear. With "TELLING TIME" you have the choice of traditional or modern time telling in Thailand (you should learn both), and with "LEARNING THE NUMBERS" we really teach you the numbers. In the "Test your knowledge" function you can now save your result. When you go back to this lesson your result will be shown in percentages. This will enable you to earmark the lessons that need further training. The learning process is now more visual. Wherever possible, we have included images and pictures of the words to learn. This enables you to immediately grasp the meaning without having to translate into your own language, thus improving your learning tempo.


Contrary to European languages, Thai grammar is very easy. The Thais do not conjugate their verbs. Plurals or time forms are unknown to them. The sentence construction is straightforward and easy to comprehend. The word-for-word translation we offer is an important tool for obtaining a feeling for the way Thais communicate.


The pronunciation of the Thai language is the real challenge. In Thai, there are five different tones, and using the wrong tone can lead to complete misunderstanding. Sometimes one word can have 4 to 5 different meanings depending on the tone used. Our soundtrack gives you the necessary tools to recognize the difference between them. Use this feature as much as possible and try to imitate speaking aloud. Please do not be disheartened if you don't get it exactly right. The Thais will not be offended, and will probably understand what you are trying to say by the way your sentence is constructed. We should however warn you that not all Thais use the proper pronunciation of their language, mainly due to influences from local dialects. For example, many Thais pronounce the letter "R" as "L". You should be aware of this in your contacts with Thais.

Download ThaiTrainer111

PC-Thai-educational software ThaiTrainer111

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